Nomadique is a Brooklyn-based multimedia cooperative committed to facilitating cross cultural communication, self expression, and empowerment.

We are filmmakers, photographers, journalists, and musicians who are devoted to bringing integrity to the process and impact of our art work. We partner with nonprofit organizations, purposeful businesses, and news outlets to create compelling documentary based narratives and community art experiences.

The 2017 NMDQ Collections Open Call for Submissions is now open!

The theme of this year's multimedia group exhibition is "touch".

All mediums are welcome.

Extended deadline: 9/22

We look forward to seeing your work!


We believe in the visceral power of images, and we capture our stories with specificity and acuity. While traditionally the visual style of documentary has been merely incidental,  we see it as a vital tool in communicating our message.


Our work is more than just a product. In addition to creating our own projects, we empower and educate the communities we work in to tell their own stories.  By leading filmmaking workshops and internship programs, we aim to create a lasting impact in the communities we serve.